When To Use Plugins

We give you the low-down on when it's best to reach for the Plugins.

Getting your head around plugins and the concept of using plugins can sometimes be very overwhelming.


With thousands of different ones to choose from; EQ to Compressors and Limiters to Stereo Enhancers, how can we pin-point when and how we should use them? Well, the solution is pretty simple - don't. Let me explain...


99% of producers will grab a plugin 100% of the time. Fully aware that sounds like a quote from Anchorman but humour me for a second.


Quick note: I'm not talking about plugins as in Soft-Synths, FX, Modulators etc. I'm talking about the Plugins that help make your music sound great... EQ's, Compressor, Limiters etc.


Want to know how to install plugins? Watch Here


So what I'm saying is, we don't always need to use plugins to obtain a great sound. Sometimes, the recording, loop, sample etc is actually already there!


I actually did a video covering this topic over on our YouTube channel. Click Here to watch it.


This is what separates the pro's from the noobies.


Professionals know when enough is enough and will very rarely apply huge amounts of processing at the mixing stages for example. They will normally use small amounts of compression and EQ. This is more than enough, providing the original source material is good.


BUT - you need to know what you're listening out for and that's where using other tracks as a reference comes into play.


So, to conclude, you don't always need to grab for plugins. Master what you have. It's as simple as that!