MIDI Programming

We explain how important it is to master this skill and why it is crucial to becoming a Pro Music Producer.

There is a very fine line between deciding what is more important in music production - recording audio or programming MIDI.


Let's look at it like this, if you're predominately making music from either your bedroom or some small studio set up in your house, chances are you're not recording a huge amount of audio such as drums, guitars, pianos etc. Which is fine - I'm just using this as an example - therefore you will mostly be programming MIDI into your DAW.


Over the last decade MIDI has come on leaps and bounds from the old days. Now, MIDI is seen as an industry standard to most music production projects. However, not so long ago, the technology was not quite there with regards to its practical use. What I mean by this, is that it sounded too robotic and not 'human'.



So over the years MIDI has been completely transformed allowing users to program it in such a way that you can get it sounding so realistic, no one would ever know. More importantly, listeners & clients are now expecting this. So it's worth diving in and ensuring you know the difference between velocity and expression.


Here are some links to help you master the world of MIDI.