Mastering The DAW

How to get a solid understanding of the software.

We can all get carried away with playing around with new instruments, plugins, FX, Samples Packs etc but do we really know how the software works and what it is capable of?


One analogy I heard once was, 'Software is like a car, you don't need to know everything in order to use it' - True, in that sense. However, a car isn't going to make you money or give you a career in music.


If you're aim is to become a fully professional music producer then you must understand that not all of your income is going to come from purely making tracks for your own artist name, and that this is not uncommon. Many Producers, such as myself and many others I know, will often take on work outside of their own projects to make ends meet or sometimes even reap the huge rewards.


Therefore, with these varying types of projects coming in, you're naturally going to be working differently within your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) so you will need to be proficient and knowledgable with the software.




Knowing the software in-depth doesn't only come in handy when working on different projects, it's great for when you are collaborating with other producers too. Let's say you're in the studio with another producer and he/she doesn't quite know how to do a particular process - i.e. Grouping several tracks into a buss send to then side-chain against a kick - well, if you know the software inside/out then you can perform that process straight away. Saving lots of time and, of course, money if you have rented out a studio.


This may sound super obvious but you'll be surprised how many 'producers' simply don't take the time to fully understand the software they are using.

Now, there are a few things you can do in order to up your DAW knowledge and the first one might sound a little insulting, but again, I can't begin to tell you how many producers simply don't do this - READ THE MANUAL - it is super important. I even find myself referring back to it even after using my DAW for over 10 years!




You can find the Logic Pro X manual here


Another thing you can do is watch tutorials online. There are hundreds, if not thousands of resources online to help you navigate through the software. Last point - just USE IT! - try experimenting with the software too. I have also used Facebook groups and forums as well, which have turned up trumps for me in the past.


Here are some links to a few super useful Facebook groups. Howver, don't worry, I've chosen groups that cover a range of DAWs.


Logic Pro X


FL Studio



So to wrap up, learn your DAW inside and out. It will massively help you out in the long run and it's potentially knowledge that you could profit from in the future.