Become a Networking Socialite

Why it is crucial to become the person that's always in the right place, at the right time.

Remember that guy from that house party that chugged a keg of beer and pissed on your bed? Yeah, don't be that guy.


Networking actually takes a great deal of tact and social skill. You must be professional yet not a robotic corporate weirdo. You want to be likeable and relatable so others feel comfortable and want to work with you.


On most jobs within the Music Industry you'll typically be spending quite a bit of time and have frequent dealings with the same people over and over again so it's really important that they feel at ease with you and vice versa.


The Music Industry has enough divas in it without you adding to the list so be humble, complimentary and useful - 'useful' being the keyword here... building successful professional relationships is all about how two parties can mutually benefit one another. So ask yourself, what can you do for them and what can they offer in return?



Let me give you a good example of networking. Back in the day when I was starting out on the DJ cicruit, I would go to nightclubs on my own and find out who the promoter was then buy him/her a beer. I made sure I didn't mention about getting a gig, it was more about building a relationship with that person and ensuring they knew WHO I was not what I was after.