Become A Guru of Marketing

Here are some tips on how you can the world to hear about what you're doing both online and offline.

When you're trying to go at it alone in the Music Industry it's now super important to wear many hats (not literally).


So being able to market yourself properly is no exception.


Below I've highlighted some examples of how you can market yourself online as well as offline.





1. Website
Ensure that you have a website that can display all of your work as well as contact details so people can reach out to you. The internet is a wonderful place to market yourself and reach people you might not offline. If you're not savvy on how to create websites there are a tonne of resources out there to help you such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace which make it really easy to setup your own website. You can even use service like to hire people to build it for you for very cheap.



2. Soundcloud
If you're really not keen on the idea of building yourself a website then Soundcloud is the next best option. You can tap into an already-established database of users who are keen to hear new music. This isn't necessarily so great if you wish to find clients though as typically the users on there are listeners. That being said, it's easy to set up and to share your links with potential clients.



3. SoundBetter
If you're on the lookout for proper jobs within the music industry SoundBetter is a great option. It's a bit like Soundcloud with regards to being able to display your work, but it is a database full of clients and other professionals whom you can collaborate and work on projects with.





1. Business Cards
Some may say this is a bit old school but they are so easy and cheap to obtain it's certainly worth doing. Websites such as can print you 100 business cards for $16. It makes you look really professional and stand out as not many people do this within the music industry anymore, unless you're top dog.



2. Mix CDs
Again, another traditional way to promote yourself offline but is really effective purely down to the fact that not many producers bother to do this anymore. Combine this with our networking technique of going to meet people off your own back and you may have secured yourself some work.



3. Internships
Whilst this may sound quite counter-productive against our 'Entrepreneurial' segment in this guide, it's a great way to start mixing in with the right crowd and surround yourself with like-minded people. I spent a solid 3 years of my career at the beginning working in recording studios for very little money (if not, free!). However, the contacts I still have today I will cherish for a lifetime.



What are you waiting for? Get yourself out there!