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You'll learn exactly what key skills you'll need to develop and perfect to be at the top of your game.

We give you the insiders' secrets so that you know how successful producers make money doing what they love.

We'll show you how to make your music great and then how to market it so that you succeed.

We understand it's hard to grind when you feel alone, so we'll give you the tools to help you stay motivated.

You won't make it on your own. We'll show you how to connect with professionals to accelerate your career.

We give you the low-down on how you should present yourself whether as an artist or a business.

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This eBook will give you the tools and strategies to enable you to work professionally and efficiently.

We've all read articles, books and content where we simply can't put any of it into practice. Now you can.

As far as product pricing goes, free sounds pretty good. Right?

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  • We learnt a lot from Hyper Production and Rory when we started out and there's no question that his advice helped us get to the full-time successful career we have today. He has a real knack for cutting out the fluff and cutting to the stuff that you just have to know. He's a great teacher and we owe him a lot.

    Just KiddinSony / Radio 1 / Kiss FM
  • This eBook has got all the absolutely essential bits of information that you need. I still find myself referring to it even after reading it! I often find times when I'm stuck and this eBook plus Rory's advice really helps me a lot.

    KidekoMinistry of Sound / Kiss FM